About Us

Founded in 1999, the AIRM was formally launched by the then Minister for Finance Mr Charlie McCreevy, T.D. on 23rd June 1999. The AIRM evolved from its previous incarnation, the Association of Burglary Insurance Surveyors (A.B.I.S.) of Ireland, which was founded in 1958 and incorporated the Dublin Fire Surveyors Association. Today, the AIRM represents more than 250 members, professionals working in fields such as fire, occupational health and safety, flood, security, business interruption, pollution and work-related vehicle safety.

Our aim is to provide our members with:

• Timely, informative advice across a range of disciplines to reflect the interests of our diverse membership.
• Opportunities to network with professionals in related industries and build your company’s profile
• Advocate on emerging issues that affect our members’ interests in the practice of risk management 
Currently the individual membership fee is €30
  Jason Kelly - Chairman